The Spirit of Employee Ownership


Leer is a leading manufacturer of retail ice merchandising equipment and walk-in coolers. Distributed under the Leer and Carroll Cooler brand names, they have an award-winning heritage of producing superior products.

For over 60 years Leer has shown unmatched dedication to engineering research, service quality and manufacturing excellence while consistently improving to better serve their customers. With top-of-the-line ice merchandisers and custom walk-in coolers and freezers, they are the industry’s premier cooling solution. Leer operates out of two manufacturing facilities in New Lisbon, Wisconsin, and Carroll, Iowa.

Through technological innovation, customization and superior quality, they’ve created a strong offering of products and specialized services designed to meet an evolving marketplace. Leer products are the only ice merchandiser brand that are UL listed, and Leer adheres to a rigid safety and quality assurance program to ensure superior product performance and customer satisfaction. All products are shipped same-day through an extensive network of dependable distributors and representatives and arrive soon after to customers around the world.

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