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Dexter Services

Dexter Services is a collection of service companies that serve multiple markets, largely within the commercial laundry industry, including money lending services, equipment distribution services and vended laundry services. In addition, the company owns and manages retail oriented commercial real estate properties.

Dexter Financial Services serves as a captive finance company facilitating the sale of equipment manufactured by affiliated companies, with a primary emphasis on the commercial laundry market.

Century Laundry Distributing is a leading distributor and servicer of commercial laundry and dry-cleaning equipment throughout a nine-state region in the Midwest.

Dexter Retail Services operates multiple high-quality vended laundries in the Midwest, including the Blue Kangaroo chain located in Chicagoland, Northern Indiana and Southern Wisconsin.

Dexter Real Estate Holdings owns and manages commercial property that generally includes a Dexter Retail Services vended laundry as one of the tenants.

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