The Spirit of Employee Ownership

Apache Stainless

Founded in 1975, Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation has worked hard to develop a sterling reputation and diverse customer base in the commercial, industrial and wholesale capital equipment industries. Specializing in the manufacture of stainless steel, high alloys and carbon steel, Apache products yield superior performance to meet our customers’ needs.

Apache Stainless operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Beaver Dam and Plover, Wisconsin. They adhere to stringent quality guidelines to provide unsurpassed manufacturing solutions and methods for fabricating high-quality stainless steel and other high alloy ASME atmospheric vessels. Custom fabrication, quick response time and on-time delivery verify Apache’s customer-first attitude time and time again. Combine that with unmatched in-house finishing capabilities and it’s easy to see why Apache Stainless consistently surpasses the competition.

MEPACO, Apache’s food equipment division, has also continued to set industry standards. Since its inception in 1932, MEPACO has evolved its portfolio to include a variety of grind/blend thermal processing and material handling solutions — all of which can be provided as a fully integrated system. MEPACO’s expertise is unparalleled and their diverse product offerings are used across a variety of food processing sectors.

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