The Spirit of Employee Ownership

Mission and History


At Dexter Apache, our mission is to leverage the spirit of our employee ownership culture to enhance and enrich the lives of all those touched by our businesses. We strive to deliver a diversified portfolio of products and services unmatched in quality and value through a team of professional, responsive and dedicated employees.


Our legacy began with an ambitious young inventor named W.H. George. In the late 1800s as washing machines began to gain popularity, Mr. George decided that he could improve on the existing designs and capabilities. He quickly built several hand-powered washer models, and the business began to grow in size and prestige. The Dexter Company was formed in 1894 and began manufacturing wringer washers for the general public.

In 1912, as the business operations outgrew the original factory, the company was relocated to Fairfield, Iowa, where the Dexter Laundry headquarters and manufacturing operations remain to this day. Since then, manufacturing operations have expanded beyond laundry to include additional manufacturing, financing and distribution channels.

In 1987 the employees of Dexter purchased the company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Over preceeding years, the employee ownership facilitated growth through acquisitions. In 2006, Apache Stainless was acquired and Dexter Apache Holdings, Inc. was formed. We grew again in 2008 with the acquisition of Leer and in 2011 we grew further with the acquisition of Crystal Group.

By diversifying our business interests and applying the Dexter Apache culture, we’ve made ourselves a leader in every industry that we’ve entered. Our employee owned business structure has allowed us to succeed while providing our customers with a high level of customer service and satisfaction that’s not found at most businesses today. Contact us to find out how our employee owners can help grow your business.